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A Link Between Worlds Walkthrough – Part 12: Lorule Castle



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12.1 – To Lorule Castle

Upon freeing all the sages, they combine their powers and reveal the Triforce of Courage, which was hidden within the sages themselves. You can speak to each sage and head up the ladder to the Triforce of Courage. Touch it and obtain it, then you will warp outside Ice Ruins (or whatever dungeon you finished last if you’re not following the order we made this walkthrough).

Warp to Vacant House and return to Hyrule. Head for the Witch’s House. Purchase some Blue Potion, then go find some fairies to put into your five bottles. Now return to your house; make sure you’ve either rented or bought all of Ravio’s items by now since you’ll need them in the castle. I would also upgrade any of your items if you haven’t yet.

Take the rift portal to Lorule and head up to Lorule Castle. Head for the entrance and Hilda will state that Yuga has escaped and his minions flood Lorule Castle. She will release the barrier that protects the castle.

Head inside and save Princess Zelda!

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New Enemies

12.2 – Lorule Castle

Get the Compass and Red Mail:

In the first room, dispatch any enemies in your way and head to the north side of the castle. Push the Gargoyle Statue to the right and then Wall Merge all the way to the chest here to collect 20 rupees. Proceed north.

Here you will find a Fire Ball-and-Chain Knight. The best way to deal with him without being hurt too much is to spam your Nice Fire Rod on him. He will take up to fifteen or so hits if you pin him against the wall with the pillar of fire. After his defeat, head up the stairs.

On 2F, head up the stairs in the central room and head to the room to the right. On the north end of this room is a chest containing 20 rupees. Head to the south and carefully walk across the center of the pit on an invisible path. Walk about halfway down the center then walk along the west wall and get to the chest. Head back to the center room and head to south. Wall Merge and walk to the west side of the room and open the chest here for a Monster Horn.

On 3F, the camera will pan and show you a giant door at the end of the room with four markings on it. Those who’ve played The Wind Waker know this is similar to the door in Ganon’s Tower. Anyways, you’ll have to fight four familiar bosses within Lorule Castle in order to even get near Yuga and save Princess Zelda. However, these bosses are a lot tougher than before.

After the camera comes back to you, head north and hit the switch in the room to activate the warp point to return back to the entrance of the castle. Push the two Gargoyle Statues in front of you down and jump down to 1F. Open the chest for a small key. Take the warp point on this floor back to 3F.

Head to the left and open the locked door to go to 4F. Here, open the chest in between the two fires and you will get the Compass. Next, use your sword to put out the fires and you will see two white lines heading south. Walk on the white lines down south and open the chest here for the Red Mail. Now all damage you take will only be a fourth of what it was originally!

Now you can tackle any of the following bosses in order, but we’ll organize it between rooms.

Hookshot Room:

To get the hookshot room, use the hookshot the switch and pull on it to reveal a platform and open the door. Head into the room and you’ll be attacked by an Armored Moblin with a Ceilingmaster above your head. Avoid the Ceilingmaster and defeat the Armored Moblin, then head to the west side of the room using Wall Merge and you will see an eyeball above you. Let the Ceilingmaster smash the floor and then take your Ice Rod (it’s actually a LOT easier if you have the Nice Ice Rod) and freeze the lava to the north and throw the eyeball into the small section and run from the Ceilingmaster. Take the eyeball and throw it into the switch.

Now to collect the other one, we have to ride the metal raft over the lava. Use the Hookshot to drag you and the raft along the walls and wait under the switch and make the Ceilingmaster hit it to open the next area. Proceed forward quickly and avoid the Ceilingmaster and you will find the second eyeball nearby. Push the Gargoyle Statue to the left side and then stand on the middle switch. Wait for the Ceilingmaster to flex its hands and move to the right switch as it falls to hit all three switches. Stand under the eyeball, let the Ceilingmaster hit the cracked floor and grab the eyeball and navigate it back to the switch. This will drop a key. Open the locked door and proceed up.

Boss: Yellow Arrghus

Now you will be fighting a Yellow Arrghus. He is no different than the Arrghus we fought before aside from more power and more health. But thankfully we have the Golden Sword!

Pull the eyeballs off him with the Hookshot and slash and kill them to weaken his defense. Once all of them are defeated, he will open his main eye and then try to slam down on you or shoot lasers at you. Avoid his attacks and slash at him when the opportunity arises and you should defeat him rather quickly.

Lantern Room:

To enter this room, all you need to do is step on the switch.

This room uses the same dark and light puzzle solving as the Dark Palace had. You’ll have to constantly put out and re-light torches as well as memorize where the floor is. Not only that, you need to fend off Eyebats. Navigate through the room and head for the chest to get a Small Key. Use it on the door to proceed to the boss of this area.

Boss: Fire Ball-and-Chain Knight:

This knight isn’t really that tough, but takes to the light and dark puzzle, we can’t tell where the hidden walls are. Try to get to the right side of the room and use the Nice Fire Rod on him and keep him pinned to the southeastern corner of the room. Keep spamming the Nice Fire Rod and he should go down easily.

Bombs Room:

This room is really big, so you’ll need to be ready to do some heavy fighting and puzzle solving. Head forward and hit the switch in front of you to raise and lower some walls until you navigate to the near center of the room. Here, drop a bomb and stand on the blue platform and raise it till you reach a section with a single pillar in the middle. Throw a bomb to the right and get on the red platform and head up to the switch. Head to the chest and open it for 20 rupees.

Now hit the switch to lower the platform, then throw another bomb and head to the west. Wall Merge north to the platform the Armored Moblin is on. Defeat it and head to the left and you will see another switch; toss a bomb at it and head south. Now head to the southeast and you will see a Big Bomb Flower. Use it to blow up the crack just north of it.

Take the Big Bomb Flower to the west and use a combination of bombs and Wall Merging to bring it to the cracked wall to the north. Be sure to protect it from any damage so it won’t blow up on you. Blow up the cracked wall and open the chest for a Small Key. Open the locked door near here to fight the boss.

Boss: Purple Moldorm:

As with the other bosses, he is no different aside from color, strength, and health. However, an added twist to this room is the walls tend to move close to one another, making Moldorm jump off walls quicker, making him fiercer than before. His weakness is still his tail, so a few spin attacks from your Golden Sword should be enough to slay him.

Unmarked Room:

This room requires your Wall Merge ability, speed, and your attention to detail. You’ll need to walk slowly at first and see where the platforms will rise and fall and remember their locations. It’s also interesting to note that the rupees in this rupee continue to respawn.

Head over to the chest to northwest part of the room and open it for a Monster Tail.

Now head a bit to the right and you will see a few spiked balls falling into the area. One will be stuck, so move the Gargoyle Statue. Run in front of it and run south so it will knock another spiked ball out of the way, allowing you to move forward. Now head to the room south of this one and be prepared to fight a lot of Floor Tiles. It will take quite a bit of time for them to start flying, so just be prepared.

Once you defeat the Floor Tiles, head up the stairs back to the north room. Head north and you will see a few more spike balls dropping. Run to the north wall and then head back south to help navigate the ball. You’ll need to use Wall Merge in order bring the spiked ball down south to knock the other away. Once you knock the spiked ball out of your way, you can navigate to the chest and get the small key.

Now let’s head to the locked door to fight the final boss before the final boss.

Giant Purple Bari:

Giant Purple Bari isn’t really that different from the yellow one we met in Swamp Palace aside from location, health, color, and strength, like the other bosses in Lorule Castle. Simply slash at it with your sword when its not discharging electricity, keeping an eye on the moving floors. Once it takes enough damage, it will split into a bunch of little Biri. Use any of your ranged weapons to finish them off.

Treacherous Tower (Advanced):

Before we fight the final boss, we have two more things to collect rather quickly. You can actually choose to do this or not, but if you want 100% in the game, you will need to do it.

Head for Treacherous Tower and take on the Advanced challenge. Bring some fairies and some blue potion to keep yourself from dying. Complete the 50 floors using your weapons (we still suggest the Nice Fire Rod for this) and you will win over 5,000 rupees. Not only that, if you complete the event the first time, you get the Super Lantern. Completing the tower a second time on the same level will get you the Super Net.

Return to Lorule Castle:

Now head back to Lorule Castle, save at the weathervane, and head through the door that opened. You will find yourself in what appeared to be a study room, the same one we were in before. Use the rift portal here to return to Hyrule Castle quickly and you will find a bunch of random fairies flying here. Return to Lorule Castle and head for the Throne Room.

Once in the throne room, head over to Hilda in the back of the room. She will ask you if you have the Triforce of Courage. She will place her hand on Zelda’s painting and she will take the Triforce of Wisdom and holds it in her hand.

Hilda then decides to tell you how Lorule fell into its present condition. Long ago, Lorule possessed a sacred treasure that could grant any wish known as the Triforce. Many sought to control the Triforce, leading Lorule into an age of turmoil. Hilda’s ancestors got rid of the Triforce to end the war. They destroyed it completely. However, by destroying it, they destroyed the foundation of Lorule; it began to decay and become chaotic.

Hilda then surprised Link by saying her kingdom needed a Triforce. She guided Link’s fate to gather the Triforce. Then she absorbs the Triforce of Wisdom and summons Yuga who still holds the Triforce of Power. She commands Yuga to obtain the Triforce of Courage from Link to save Lorule! What a plot twist!

Boss: Yuga (Part 1)

Those who’ve played A Link to the Past will notice that this part of the battle is similar to the final battle against Ganon. Yuga will try to stab you with his trident or will swing it from left to right to keep you away from him. You need to be quick and need to find an opening in his attacks to damage him. The more damage he takes, the more his attacks get random and fiercer. He’ll even go as far as teleporting everywhere, throwing his trident around or even disappearing and make red lightning fall down.

Once you damage him enough, phase two will begin.

Boss: Yuga (Part 2)

Hilda orders Yuga to give her the Triforce of Power, but Yuga ignores her. He tells her he has been using her and only wanted Hyrule’s Triforce in order to destroyed both kingdoms and make Lorule in his own views. He proceeds to turn Hilda into a painting and absorbs her Triforce piece, becoming even more powerful than before.

Yuga will fire an energy orb at you. Swing your sword at the right time and keep rapidly swinging it back and forth at him. Once it hits him, he will merge into the wall. Princess Zelda will use the last of her strength and gives you the Bow of Light, allowing you to hit Yuga when he is in painting form. Fire an arrow from it in your painting form then quickly merge out and merge back behind him and hit him in his back end to force him out. Then use your Golden Sword and deal damage to him. He’ll disappear and pillars of purple fire will appear out of the wall and purple fire bats will attack you. Avoid them at all costs to protect yourself.
Now repeat the last step until he merges back into painting form. This time Yuga will charge at you if you try to hit him with an arrow. Use this time to merge out and merge behind him as he slows down. Hit him again with the arrow to his back side and slash at him. He’ll disappear and more fire pillars will come out of the wall.

Now he’s angry and will fire two at once. Do the same as before and force him into painting mode. Even if you merge out and try to get his back side he will quickly turn around and protect himself, so instead, turn yourself around while as painting and fire an arrow which will travel across the entire room and hit him in his back end. Take one final slash to defeat Yuga!

The End:

Touch Princess Zelda’s painting to release her. Once she is released, Princess Hilda asks what more she can do. Princess Zelda asks if Hilda is the one who trapped her in the painting, and Hilda replies by saying: “Obviously.” At this point, Princess Zelda states that she knows about the sacred duty a princess has to her people and tries to tell Hilda what she did was wrong, but Hilda refuses to listen, stating that Hyrule was under the divine protection of their Triforce while Lorule crumbled.

Before Hilda could attack Link, Ravio appears, screaming: “No! This must stop!” and appears between Link and Zelda. He takes off his rabbit hood and reveals that he is Lorule’s equivalent of Link: a cowardly black haired and green eyed Link.

Ravio asks Zelda for his intervention and then Ravio bows before Hilda. He tells her he was too afraid to stop her and Yuga and sought out for a hero who turned out to be Link. He says that what she was doing was wrong and the reasons why Lorule’s Triforce was destroyed was because people were fighting over it, similar to how Yuga, Hilda and Link were all fighting over the control of Hyrule’s Triforce. He then says he wanted “to save” her “from all this–you, who’ve worried endlessly about the fate of Lorule.”

Hilda admits her wrongs to Princess Zelda, saying she was led astray by the power of your Triforce, but she swears she did it only for her people. She then comments what a hero Hyrule has and that Link’s courage was enough to show how much Hyrule deserves it’s Triforce.

They appear in Lorule’s Sacred Realm. Hilda states that Yuga found a crack within the grim slate before them and sensed a world with another Triforce on the other side. It was then that Yuga and Hilda planned to take the Triforce to restore Lorule, Yuga out of lust for power, and Hilda out of love for her people.

Hilda then takes the bracelet that Ravio gave to Link. Using her powers with the powers of the bracelet, she prepared the way for Link and Zelda to return to their world. Ravio shakes Links hands stating that he finally met a “real, live, genuine hero” and then wondered if some of Link’s courage rubbed off on him.

Link and Zelda then appear in Hyrule’s Sacred Realm. There, they see the completed Triforce. Both of them head for the Triforce and place their hands on it, making a wish on it. When their wish was granted, the Triforce flew into the air and glowed bright. Meanwhile, in Lorule, the Grim Slate broke apart and in place of it, Lorule’s Triforce returned. Ravio is happy that returned, while Princess Hilda cried, thanking Link and Princess Zelda endlessly for helping save Lorule.

Now sit back and enjoy the ending credits!

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