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A Link Between Worlds Walkthrough


A Link Between Worlds is a sequel to A Link to the Past. Hundreds of years have passed since the Demon King Ganon was sealed away. Now Hyrule has ushered in a new era of peace until recently. Strange paintings have appeared on Hyrule Castle and there have been reports of a strange person running amok across Hyrule. Link awakens to a new destiny where he meets the enigmatic man by the name of Yuga and eventually finds himself in a parallel world called Lorule Kingdom. It is Link’s destiny to stop the revival of Ganon.

The following A Link Between Worlds Walkthrough consists of guides that will help guide you through the game. Though the game can be tackled in any order, we have set up this A Link Between Worlds Walkthrough to provide the easiest route through the entire game. This is especially helpful when it come to playing Hero Mode in A Link Between Worlds.

Walkthrough Sections

Part 1- Pendant of Courage

Part 2- Pendant of Wisdom

Part 3- Pendant of Power

Part 4- Blade of Evil’s Bane

Part 5-Swamp Palace

Part 6- Thieves’ Hideout

Part 7- Desert Palace

Part 8- Turtle Rock

Part 9- Skull Woods

Part 10- Dark Palace

Part 11- Ice Ruins

Part 12- Lorule Castle


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