3 Ways To Have Better Sex

Just because you’re in love or have great makeout sessions doesn’t mean that everything will go as smooth once you’re in the bedroom. Everyone has different pleasures and experiences that have shaped how they are during intercourse so don’t write someone off due to one bad night… or many.

Take these five tips into consideration before you have your next rendezvous so you can ensure that both of you will be ending the night more than satisfied. Change your sex life for the best and be ready to enhance your sexual ways.

1. Communicate:

This is probably one of the most important parts in improving your sex life. Similar to moaning when something feels good to make sure you are just as vocal when it comes to something that you’re not liking. Don’t be embarrassed, even if it might take away from the moment; a little awkwardness is better than faking an orgasm every night. Make sure you’re expressing your turn on’s and off’s before you get crazy or talk it out with them throughout so you can reach your climax with them reaching theirs as well.

If you automatically assume every sexual partner is into the same things, then you’re in for a rude awakening because everyone’s different and has there own fetishes, fantasies and sweet spots.

2. Build Sexual Tension:

My favorite is an intense sensual massage filled with oil, aromatherapy, and some candles to get someone in the mood where your body shutters with each kiss and series of light touches. Talk about having an orgasm with just a few touches. Guarantee you will be in the best mood after you get all relaxed and slowly work your way up to the grand gesture.

Make sure you take plenty of time with foreplay so keep building the tension and keep teasing one another until your body physically can’t take anymore before you do the damn thing.

Even sending sexy texts throughout the day can help increase your sex life by giving your partner something to imagine and rush home to. It’s important to crave the person you’re going to have sex with because you end up reacting to their physical touches with more sensuality, making the whole experience filled with more of a rush.

3. Try Something New:

Whether it be a new position or place, it’s important to change things up because the dull routine of a bedroom can get old. Changing things up in the bedroom or even out of it will get you out of your comfort zone and will revive your sex date life.

Sex with a partner, especially if you’ve been together for some time, can get a little repetitive to it’s important to change things up and create a different persona. Don’t be the same sex partner for years to come with the same trademark moves, reinvent yourself every couple months to keep things spicy, trust me your partner won’t be complaining.

Learn more about how to have better sex from the video below!