3 Signs You’re A Good Lay

Now I’m not saying that you’re horrid at sex if you’ve never experienced these things but you might want to strive to reach these goals because then you’re considered a sex god/goddess. There are many different goods lays out there during various stages of your life so take note if you had a little more feedback because you might be the sex winner.

It does matter if you can get yourself off, ending the night satisfied, but it says something if your partner is mutually satisfied, leaving them wanting more.

1. Your Phones Blowing Up:

All of your flings, things or one night stands just so happen to have a hard time letting you go. Yes, you’re probably a great person, but that’s not the entirety of why you can’t shake them. You were good in the sack, and you’ve kept them wanting more. Especially if they went out there to experience other people sexually and realized you’re the cream of the crop.

Instead of being repulsed by your booty calls be flattered that they would rather be boning you than their other options, but I’m not condoning you being a booty call. Just bask in the glory of being that good at sex where they’re craving you.

2. You’re Confident In Your Abilities:

You know you have your few trademark moves that will impress anyone you hook up with. It doesn’t matter how scandalous it is but you’ve maintained a steady flow of actions throughout the years to make you realize that move is your calling. Whether it’s your rapidly fast tongue flicks or flexibility, you’re extremely confident once that bedroom door closes because your partner is in for a surprise.

Knowing your strengths in bed and realizing your weaknesses is crucial too because no one is perfect, but you can make sure you’re playing your cards right. Making sure you own your sexual assets and abilities is key to being and staying confident with new sexual partners.

3. You’re Being Told:

If you’re excellent at something, you best believe someone will say to you either in the bedroom or even during. Some moans, comments or screams you receive in one night should let you know that whatever you’re doing, it’s right on the spot. Even if people aren’t as vocal in the bedroom you best believe they will give you some sort of reaction when they just cant take your sexual abilities.

Asking for feedback is a little different than having someone straight out tell you that you’re the best lay in existence, but it doesn’t hurt to get little pointers if you’ve stayed loyal to your trademark moves and it’s not doing the job.

Now with all of that being said don’t get discouraged if you’ve never been praised for your sexual interactions but are confident in your abilities. No shame in your game and you don’t need someone’s validation to know that you have a lot to offer in the sack but someone’s actions and persistency can be a reminder that you’re a good lay.

Want more info to see if you’re a good lay? Then check out the video below!